midterm 2

Midterm 2 will mostly address material of weeks 7-12.

Review session: online, on Monday 11.28 4:30-5:30pm (the video will be made available for review). Post your questions here, as comments.

This will be an open book exam, but taken individually, either in class, ECEB 1015, or on zoom, during the class time, i.e. 12:30-1:50pm, on Thursday, November 29. Proctors will monitor you in class or via zoom (so make sure you are in a quiet, well lit place).

After the exam is done, you will have till 2pm to submit your solutions on gradescope.

To prepare, revisit homework, and exercises 7.1-5; 8.2-4; 9.5-12; 10.1-3; 11.2-5 from Modern Robotics.

Logistics of the exam:

  • Open book means you can use any material (textbook, lecture notes, cheat sheets,…), but you’re supposed to work individually.
  • This means, in particular, that you’re not to talk to anyone, orally, electronically or telepathically.
  • You can have any pdf’s open, you can use calculators, Matlab, or Python notebooks, and you can write your solutions using a tablet, but we will monitor for signs of communications, – intermittent typing, furtive whispers etc. If we suspect something, we will act on it.
  • That means that your zoom camera (if you take this exam online) should be on throughout, showing your working area and yourself. Sound off though!
  • While you are allowed to use any computing setup, the problems are designed to be solved by pen&paper. If you feel that you absolutely need to use Matlab, something might be wrong with your approach.
  • There will be 4 problems, each with 2-3 parts, scored to a total of 36 points. Full credit will be given for 32 points.
  • At the end of the exam (1:50pm), you will have till 2pm to scan your solutions and to upload them on gradescope. If something goes wrong, and you cannot upload them right away, email your scans as a proof of timeliness to one of the TAs. You still will need to upload the solution to gradescope yourself.

Good luck!

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  1. can we review more on how to address mass matrix problems from homework 4? The solutions do not go into much detail into the methods or equations used at all in the second question.

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