Brownian centroids

\(\def\Real{\mathbb{R}}\def\Z{\mathcal{Z}}\def\sg{\mathfrak{S}}\def\B{\mathbf{B}}\def\xx{\mathbf{x}}\def\ex{\mathbb{E}}\) Consider \(n\) points in Euclidean space, \(\xx={x_1,\ldots, x_n}, x_k\in \Real^d, n\leq d+1\). Generically, there is a unique sphere in the affine space spanned by those points, containing all of them. This centroid (which we will denote as \(o(x_1,\ldots,x_n)\)) lies at the intersection of the bisectors \(H_{kl}, 1\leq k\lt l\leq n\), hyperplanes of points equidistant

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domain restrictions and topology

\(\def\Real{\mathbb{R}}\def\Z{\mathcal{Z}}\def\sg{\mathfrak{S}}\def\B{\mathbf{B}}\) Consider a collection of vectors \(e_1,\ldots,e_n\) in the upper half-plane, such that \( e_k=(x_k,1)\) and \( x_1>x_2\gt \ldots \gt x_n\). Minkowski sum of the segments ( s_k:=[0,e_k]) is a zonotope ( \Z). Rhombus in this context is the Minkowski sums \( \Z(k,l)=s_k\oplus s_l, 1\leq k\lt l\leq n\) of a pair of the segments, perhaps

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analytic combinatorics in several variables (aimath, san jose 4-9.4.2022)

\(\def\Comp{\mathbb{C}}\def\Proj{\mathbb{P}}\def\Nat{\mathbb{N}}\) This workshop is about complex analytic techniques usable in applications from classical combinatorial problems to asymptotic representation theory and cluster algebras. The scope is approximately what is covered by Pemantle-Wilson(-Melczer) book. I plan to report on what is going on here (reporting is sporadic and idiosyncratic). Lectures are streamed. Day One (all times PDT):

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