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Update: I wrote about the results of the poll gathered by 11.5 here. You can continue voting, but I won’t update the summary until some future date.

The Climate, Equity and Inclusion Committee of the department of mathematics wants to ask the Office for Access and Equity to conduct mandatory in-person anti-sexual harassment training workshops. For now, it is intended just for the incoming graduate students in our program. This training will be in addition to the campus-wide mandatory online trainings.

As the rationale, the Committee opines that “the format of the current training makes it easy to just `click through’ without absorbing the material,” while the “examples included in the training are typically divorced from the situations encountered by graduate students in the mathematics department.” The Committee’s proposal states that “the university’s Office for Access & Equity (OAE) can provide training workshops in person that incorporate audience participation and deal with questions more germane to the graduate student experience.”

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