orientation week, 8.14-8.23

Tentative schedule (subject to many changes; locations to be decided)

  • Monday: last day for new TAs to appear on campus, – Tuesday will be already too busy
    • comp exams
  • Tuesday:
    • Program overview by the Director and Associate Director of Graduate Studies
    • campus tour, lunch trivia
    • comp exams
  • Wednesday:
    • Q&A for international students
    • Q&A with AWM/GEO/lunch
    • Pre-New TA Training meeting
  • Thursday:
    • New TA’s training (mock grading; mock discussion session;…)
    • lunch
    • More NTAT
  • Friday:
    • Welcome to TAs and overview of policies (Associate Chair)
    • All grad students: meet and greet/pizza (noon-ish)
    • Meet course lecturers